1. Experienced Futures Traders

Job Description :

We are seeking experienced Futures Traders to join our dynamic team at Noble Futures. The ideal candidate will be a motivated individual with a desire to make an immediate impact at a growing firm. Noble gives all new Traders the opportunity to learn from the most successful members of our trading team and apply their previously gained knowledge and experience quickly. As an experienced Delta One Trader at Noble, you will leverage your previous market making an experience with our proprietary technology to quickly add value to our growing market making business.

Desired Technical Knowledge and Educational Requirements:

* Bachelor's Degree required at a minimum.
* 1-5 years of delta one trading experience (responsibility for PnL, risk and analysis).
* Strong math aptitude, numerical and quantitative analysis skills.
* Entrepreneurial self-starter ready to work in a fast-paced, team environment.
* Passionate about problem-solving and finding creative solutions in an ever changing market.
* The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently while fostering external professional relationships.
* Detail oriented.

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Job Description :

We are looking for a Quantitative Developer to work with a strong team of Quant Developers and Quant Traders on part of our automated options market making desk. We love problem solvers who thrive to research and come up with innovative, practical solutions to real world trading problems. The successful candidate will bring python expertise to our team and assist in model/strategy development, data analysis, and visualization. Long term plans for our team include strategy development and trading, so a candidate with interests in the financial markets and a quantitative background is preferred.

Core Skills and Responsibilities:

* Design and improve existing python tools that interact with C++ applications, databases, and wire protocols.
* Write and optimize data analysis code and calculation intensive models.
* Work closely with traders/ quants on developing web-based visualization tools for trading strategies.
* A strong interest in finance and learning to develop trading strategies is a plus.
* Provide python mentoring to team members and traders.

Job Requirements:

* Masters/Ph.D. in technical field Math, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent
* 3+ years of professional working experience in developing applications in Python or C++
* Comfortable performing independent research and communicating results in a timely fashion
* Experience working on Linux and Windows
* Familiarity with installing and managing python modules
* Strong background with Numpy, Pandas, Multiprocessing, Bokeh, Numba and Anaconda
* Experience with deploying and upgrading python applications
* Financial or trading industry experience a plus

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